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Petri Dishes
Sleeve of 25
  Petri Dishes 25 Sleeve /
Case - 500 Dishes

One sleeve of 25 sterile plastic petri dishes (100 x 15 mm).
  Case of 500 sterile plastic petri dishes.
(100 x 15 mm).

Sleeve of 25 Petri Dishes
$12.95 each.

Case - 500 Dishes

Pure Agar agar Powder
Agar is a nutrient free gelling agent derived from a seaweed that, when mixed with water and a nutrient base is poured into petri dishes as a media for growing pure cultures.
Agar agar - 1/2 lb
Agar agar - 1 lb


High Nutrient Agar
Our highly researched blend of 100% plant-based media that has been formulated specifically for the best growth of mycelium while limiting bacterial contamination. We recommend using 25 grams of this media per 650 ml of water to make 25 dishes.

High Nutrient Agar agar

1/2 lb

High Nutrient Agar agar


Parafilm 4"x125'
This plastic sealing film is the best thing on the market to keep your petri dish cultures pure. This stretchy film wraps around the perimeter of the dish and adheres to itself