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My name is Mike (The Mushroom Man) and I am the proud owner of Mushroom Patch located in Delta, Ohio (USA). 

Once I was like you...very curious about growing mushrooms but lacked the knowledge and experience to move forward with my knew interest/hobby.  And let me be frank with you, READING BOOKS SUCK!  Nothing is better then watching and hands-on experience when it comes to learning something new.

That's why I have created Mushroom Man website.  Now the common person can purchase ready-made mushroom grow kits, CD-Roms, books, DVD's. 

We will guide the novice, as well as the advanced, through the entire growing process!

20 years of indoor and outdoor mistakes and triumphs!
(Let me keep you from making the same mistakes)

So welcome to Mushroom Man!
Where everyone can learn to be MUSHROOM-HEADS!

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