International Orders
Mushroom Spawn and Cultures


There is the possibility that your government may have restrictions on the importation of live mushroom mycelium or certain species thereof.

It's your responsibility to fulfill any requirements regarding the importation of live mycelium into your country. Mushroom Man will not be responsible for any loss or damage live mycelium that may be confiscated or detained by customs within your country due to improper paperwork on your end. The Mushroom Patch will not be responsible for any importation fees or fines incurred in connection with any Mushroom Patch products.

Due to the fact that there are many countries importing our  items we can not be expected to fill-out the proper importation forms that is necessary for each country. Any of the items returned to Mushroom Man that may have been mishandled or contaminated due to customs and/or the mishandling thereof from your government agency may be refunded in part, or in whole at the sole discretion of MC.  If we find that we have shipped, and processed your order correctly then your money will not be refunded.

Under any circumstances the shipping and handling charges will not be refunded.

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