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Class & Reusable
Test Tubes w/caps

(20 x 125mm)

Reusable glass test tubes with rubber-lined plastic lids. There is a white marking spot for labeling. Ideal for culture storage.


Only pay for what you need!

Class Test Tubes w/caps

 Test Tube Rack
(Holds 40)

This test tube rack is constructed with three tiers for stability. Designed for a large array of chemical resistance and the ability to not rust in a water bath makes this the best test tube rack available on the market. Each rack can hold 40 test tubes.

Test Tube Rack (Holds 40)

Culture Media Flasks

Culture Media Flasks
500 ml

Corning PYREX Glass 500mL Reagent Media with Screw Cap

Corning Glass Flask with Lid 500 ml 

The only kind Mushroom Man lab uses!
This price can not be beat!

Test Tube and Flask Brushes!

Clean out those test tubes and flasks the right way! 

Test Tube Wire Brushes
Only $4.95 each
Flask & Bottle Wire Brushes
Only $9.95 each


Alcohol Wash Bottles
(500 ml / 16 oz)

These Bottles are made of translucent and unbreakable low density polyethylene. The distinguishing feature that these bottles contain is the built-in delivery tube making it a one-piece wash bottle. These bottles are graduated on the outer surface to reflect an approximate volume of solution filled or dispensed. Perfect for isopropanol in the lab.

Plastic Squeeze Wash Lab Bottles
May LOOK different than the picture above.
Lab Wash Bottles
$9.95 Each


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