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Pure Mushroom Cultures
(Petri Dish or Test Tube)

Mushroom Grain Spawn

Mushroom Sawdust Spawn

Liquid Mycelium
(bulk = 250 ml)

International Customers

Mushroom Man offers pure mushroom spawn and cultures of many varieties. We maintain pure cultures of each strain in order to quickly create Master Spawn, keeping the mycelium vibrant for your balk substrate needs. Unlike our Mushroom Gourmet Kits and Plug Spawn we do not include instructions regarding this procedure of transfer. It is strictly up to the purchaser to familiarize themselves with such things.  The media we provide is an excellent source information on this subject.

Due to the fact that we start from scratch in order to get the most viable mycelium growth possible for a quick and healthy transition to your balk substrate, or the transfer of pure mycelium culture, we will ship within 1-2 weeks (approximately).

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